About Evan’s ASMR

From a young age Evan had an interest in video production. As a child he dabbled in creating short clips for Vine and started a small YouTube channel that featured a variety of content. Later he found ASMR and was inspired to try his hand at it, so at age 14 he launched a new channel dedicated entirely to ASMR content.

The channel “Evan’s ASMR” debuted in August 2017 with a short one and a half minute video. Over the next few days Evan uploaded a couple longer videos, and his channel quickly started gaining traction. By the fourth video (“ASMR Back to School Supplies Haul”) he had a hit on his hands, getting tens of thousands of views and bringing in hundreds of new subscribers per day. The success of the channel would only grow from there.




Evan's ASMR in 2017





Evan's ASMR in 2018


Over the next year Evan enjoyed running his channel and produced an average of one video every week. During this time he created two videos that would go on to achieve over one million views each and grew his channel to over 40,000 subscribers. He also collaborated with other young ASMR creators in four separate videos, experiences he remembered as the highlight of his channel. However Evan’s interest in ASMR started to fade, and as it did his pace of video production slowed going into 2019.

Evan was still interested in video production at this time, even taking classes on it to increase his knowledge and improve his skills, so he continued making videos for his channel throughout 2019 at a pace of about one per month. During this time his channel grew to over 50,000 subscribers and it was even mentioned in an article about young ASMR creators in The Atlantic.

In 2020 Evan began to lose interest in video production, and as a consequence he only created two more videos for his channel. While the quality of his videos remained the same and his channel continued to grow, reaching over 60,000 subscribers and over 9 million total video views, his heart was no longer in it. His creative interests were now in a different direction, music production, and so he decided to bring the channel to an end.


Evan's ASMR in 2019




Evan's ASMR YouTube Page


About the Archive

In 2021, while feeling depressed due to outside issues, Evan impulsively decided to delete his channel, a decision he later regretted. Fortunately all was not lost, as several people and websites had saved most of the videos and information related to the channel, allowing an archive to be created. Evan would later come back and make one more video for the archive in order to say good-bye properly and thank his fans for all of their support throughout the years.

This website was created to provide a permanent catalogue of all the archived videos. Several of the videos archived were deleted off of YouTube due to incorrectly being flagged by the algorithm, so this website is the only place where a complete collection of the archive can be found.

All of the videos that were originally published to the Evan’s ASMR YouTube channel can be found on the “YouTube Archive” page of this website. Other ASMR videos he made that were not uploaded to the original channel can be found on the “Other Videos” page.

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