ASMR (Soft Spoken) Math Tutor Role Play 2

Published: Nov 7, 2017

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$1 Reward = Featured in a Trigger Words Video
$5 Reward = Suggest a Trigger, I Will Do It and Shout You Out
$10 Reward = Suggest a Video and It Will Be the Next Video I Make
$20 Reward = Video Chat With Me
$25 Reward = If You Have an ASMR Channel I Can Help You, Personally Shout You Out, and Collaborate With You
$30 Reward = I Write Your Name On My Green Screen and You Will Be Forever Featured On My Channel

In this video, I make another math tutor roleplay video, but this time soft spoken and using my green screen. During the video I ramble, write for pencil triggers, and I talk personally to the viewer to get them triggered. Sorry this video was so short, I originally had it at 24 minutes, but half of it was cut out due to it being boring if I left it in there.