ASMR Exploring For New Triggers

Published: Nov 29, 2017

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This is something new on my channel and honestly I didn’t enjoy doing it a lot nor do i personally like it that much, but I’m hoping that’s different for some. If you want a part 2 just comment.

Long lasting and new relaxing riggers! I try to find new triggers from different things in my house or room. I then try my best to make a new trigger by doing lots of relaxing sounds of the objects.

Lots of people commented to stop being so money hungry (I deleted most of them)(especially on my latest live stream) and I’ll do so as I can somewhat agree. I was telling people to donate over and over again and that is agreeable. But, I also said it a lot to the new people that joined the lives stream(s) after I said it before to give them a chance of a shout out (but of course so I can get more donations.) I will happily stop asking for donations frequently and will ask only once or twice during the live streams.



$1 Reward = Featured in a Trigger Words Video

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