ASMR Huge Sound Assortment With My Twin (Layered Sounds)

Published: Feb 6, 2018

Original Views: 74K+


In some parts of this video I do frequently tend to show a straight face, but it is not because I hate ASMR, but you don’t smile forever. I hope this does not interrupt you from getting your relaxation.

In this video, I do something different and collaborate with myself to create various sounds and triggers to help the viewer fall asleep or be relaxed. These sounds/triggers include eating sounds, whispering up close to the microphone, hand sounds, mouth sounds, tinfoil sounds, card sounds, random tapping, water sounds (sloshing sounds), magnet sounds (micro magnets and bucky cubes), and visual triggers.

II got this idea from JacobJacob15 ASMR and Jojo’s ASMR/AnoASMR.

Jacob’s video – [LINK BROKEN]

Jojo’s/AnoASMR’s video – [LINK BROKEN]



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