THE SLOWEST AND MOST RELAXING ASMR! (with new triggers and tingles)

Published: Jul 15, 2018

Original Views: 44K+


In this video, I make yet another slowest asmr ever or slow asmr video since you guys liked the last one so much. This video is different from the last as the last video was more on hand and mouth sounds ,but this video if more on the objects and things that give the tingles and triggers and the relaxing sounds . But, in this video I do give a little of mouth and hand sounds . The mouth sounds that are included in this video are whispering , lip smacking , breathing , and blowing into the microphone . The hand sounds are finger fluttering , rubbing on the microphone , and rubbing hands together . The objects and sounds that produce the best tingles in the world that are featured in this video are scissors sounds , tin foil sounds : tin foil ripping and tin foil tearing , and tinfoil touching and crushing , hair brush sounds or hair comb sounds , book sounds : page turning and book tapping , water sounds : water sloshing , shaking water , glass tapping and water tapping , and finally , microphone brushing gently with a fork or my hands. Enjoy!



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