ASMR Brother Cheers You Up Role Play

Published: Jul 18, 2018

Original Views: 40K+


In this video, I MAKE ANOTHER ROLE PLAY FINALLY!!! YAYY! This one’s about you brother or sibling cheering you up after they heard that you’ve been crying. They feel very bad for you and so they came in your room to talk to you about what’s going on. And they also try to make you forget about what happened to you that made you cry by using different techniques , ASMR , to relax and distract you and make you feel happy again and sleepy too. 🙂 Things featured in here are plastic bag sounds , lots of tapping , water sounds , glass tapping , green screen errors , hehe , visual asmr , hand sounds , finger fluttering , microphone brushing , non copyright relaxing music (royalty free) , and nice and soft whispering by me. Oh and I’ve finally used my green screen again!



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Music I Feaured if You Want to Check That Out: [LINK BROKEN]